Every day there are

11 million hours of meetings…

…but more than 50% of them are ineffective.



How can you take meetings 

from ‘awkward’ and ‘frustrating’

to ‘transformative’ and ‘insightful’?

Join the community and help build Whispers to your needs.
"Pretty much every problem comes down to
stressed people failing to communicate and empathise."
Director of Transformation
Creative foundation
“Too often I have this mindset of negotiating to get my way.
But meetings go best when it’s a collaboration for all of us."
Senior Manager
UK government agency

Cut through the noise of collaboration,

and get to the heart of teamwork.​

Whispers helps you get the best outcomes from teams, client relationships, and groups.​

Make meetings efficient

Connect and prioritise ideas, make great decisions.


Collective intelligence means getting the best of your team’s skills and knowledge.

Make meetings collaborative

Manage dissent and conflict.


Make timely interventions to attend to emotions and needs.

Collaboration is what makes meeting outcomes last.

Whispers gives you smart advice

for difficult situations​

Experienced managers and meeting chairs

Meeting chairs
Aspire to optimise the quality of decision-making and cohesion in high-stakes meetings?

Use Whispers as a pocket facilitator.

Junior managers and team leaders

Struggling to lead colleagues and transform awkward situations?

Use Whispers as a live coach.


Want to read the room and optimise your tone and contributions?

Use Whispers as a friendly sidekick.
“I saw the prototype, and thought
‘Wow— I wish I’d had it all these years.”
Associate Director
UK National Health Service (NHS)

1. Bring your phone to any meeting

Whispers becomes your smart assistant, looking for obstacles to good decisions and team cohesion.

2. Let Whispers listen-in to your discussion.

Virtual or in-person meetings. You don’t even need a meeting link for it to work.

3. Get advice in the heat of the moment.

Whispers illuminates your blindspots, and suggests practical ways to turn meetings around.

Turn mutterings of frustration into murmurs of contentment.

Why, What, How?

Meetings are the engine-room for working together. But often meetings are broken. Decisions are fudged, information is lost, and team members build walls. Meetings are the daily obligation that we love to hate.

So how can we do better?  
We need to make great decisions, share the most important information, and build bridges with our colleagues and clients.


Collaboration software comes in many forms: messaging (Slack, Teams); whiteboards (Miro); project management (Asana, Notion); note-taking (Otter, Fathom, etc). Most of this gadgetry and software treats people like cogs in a machine: recording information, allocating tasks, alerting problems.

Whispers engages with colleagues and clients as humans. It highlights hopes, anxieties, and communication patterns.
Usually what’s most important isn’t being smart as individuals, it’s being intelligent about how we work together.

We’ve built Whispers on cutting-edge research from social psychology, management science, and meetings facilitation. If you were making an app based on research that 40% of team performance depends on collaboration, that app would be Whispers.

Whispers brings you the world’s best wisdom on managing difficult situations, right there in your meeting.
And if anything doesn’t work for you, give instant feedback: we’ll improve it for next time.

Human collaboration deserves better.

We’re building Whispers because we’ve seen and felt the pain.


Bad meetings are a tragedy.


Let’s leverage the best of science and art to make meetings brilliant.

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Human Meetings Ltd
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